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Go Business Mortgages
Anyone know who these are as not much about them on their web site? Ken
13 years ago
Assigning property income to my partner
I have a house that I let that I will be paying roughly 1-2k/year in tax on the income. (Up until this year I've had a mortgage which has meant that my net income has only be a few hundred pounds) ...
13 years ago 11
New water resources and taxes
Now they believe there is water on saturn i believe thames water has bought the rights and gordon brown has already got water meters, taxes (red ones not green) and toothless regulators lined up. ...
13 years ago
Go to for anything you ever wanted to know about repairing your credit.
13 years ago
Looking To Repair Bad Credit???
Go to for EVERYTHING you ever needed to know about repairing your credit.
13 years ago
Direct Debit Cancellation
A simple question to which I think the answer is no: Can a direct debit be reinstated after I cancel it? My problem is that I cancelled all direct debits with my old bank but had an oversraft wi...
13 years ago 25
limited company advice please
hi all, i work in the rail industry for a no. of different agencies and at present get paid through a single person company via, i have been thinking recently about setting up my o...
13 years ago 3
Tax return: debit interest allowable vs credit interest?
Each April my bank sends me an annual statement of interest received on my interest-bearing current account, in order to enter this on my tax-return form. However, in months where I've overdrawn, m...
13 years ago 6
Help With House Sell Buy-Back with LPO Please
Hi I have a close friend who is in big trouble, and I don't really get what is going on here, so if someone can give any advice at all, it would be great. This seems to be a grey area as far as I c...
13 years ago 2
Free Hellmans book from - Your Sandwich Made It!
Amazon have joined forces with Hellmann's to offer you the chance to claim a free copy of Your Sandwich Made It!. Follow the instructions below to claim your free copy. (Please note that on entering...
13 years ago
Stock market
Does any body know of any real life situation when investors have made abnormal gains! I have come across warren Buffet....But any more people. And also what techniques these people have used to ai...
13 years ago 3
Comparing Final Salary and Money Purchase schemes
I understand the difference between these schemes, and how they operate, but how do I do I work out the difference in pension produced by the same total contribution levels in each scheme? Is th...
13 years ago 3
Norwich Union-With Profits Bonds
Reattribution they call it.... but my experience of Norwich Union is that they are devious bastards. Anyone can explain in simple terms please what this "reattribution" involves...and the pros an...
13 years ago 3
releasing NEW cross-platform JAVA charting app. for Interactive Brokers
I am releasing my JAVA charting application for Interactive Brokers to the public. I started coding it in 2002 to assist in my trading needs and I've been using it personally every day since then...
13 years ago 2
Icesave how long for initial deposit to appear
I have just opened an account with Icesave, I applied online & gave them DD details for the 250 inital deposit. it is now the 15th day (11 working days) since i applied & the money still has not a...
13 years ago 10