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Second Job & Tax/NI
Hi, I earn 27k per year. Ive been offered a casual job earning 5 per hour to basically do nothing, some weeks it will be 40 hours a week, others, just a few hours. Im happy to do this as it fits in...
13 years ago 6
VAT moving from self employed to Ltd coy
Some VAT advice please on a move from self employed to Ltd coy Self employed trader Joe has contracts to provide services to a number of companies. He makes a small profit from the fixed rate VAT...
13 years ago 6
Host ISP -
13 years ago
Any vat experts here?
I am vat registered, and am trying to understand how to treat a supply of business related services to me from an EC country, on which no vat has been charged to me. The vat office referred me to...
13 years ago 5
Based in UK importing from GErmany, is it better to get prices in USD or Euro at the moment. Wish to import a small quanity of items? Yaz I've tried to think of a way to explain this but i cant. It...
13 years ago 2
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13 years ago
newbie,couple of premium bond questions
How many premium bonds should you get for 30,000 and also where will the money go if I should win will I just recieve a check? thanks in advance Tracy In message , Matt writes 30,000 Yes, a cheque....
13 years ago 56
Paying BT by Standing Order
Hi, I'm just wondering who to set the Organisation for? Is it BT or British Telecom? On the site it just has BT's bank account number 00375853 BT's sort code 20-00-00 You may be asked for a reference...
13 years ago 4
Insurance for landlord recommendations
I am a landlord looking for insurance that will cover me against damage caused by tenants. My previous tenants trashed the property and my insurance didn't cover me. For future tenants, I want an...
13 years ago 3
Both Employed and Self Employed?
If someone is working for an employer, on a fully employed PAYE basis, then they set their own business up, working on their spare time, how would they work their income tax? Could the employer make...
13 years ago 2
VAT and Failure
How succesful do you need to be to be VAT registered. If someone was to set up, lets say, a photography business, they would need to buy photography equipment, a van to move that equipment around in,...
13 years ago 3
How long to sell house after death? [off topic]
Approximately how long would it "normally" take to sell someone's house after they had died? I'd guess it takes time to do all the stuff: get probate and to get the house into the name of the executor...
13 years ago 10
Circumventing the UK CGT tax laws
Currently the law states that UK residents must pay capital gains tax on any assets held in the UK unless they leave the country for 5 years. However, this person claims to have identified a European...
13 years ago 4
Selling business idea and Capital Gains Tax?
About 3 months ago I wrote some computer software. About a month a go I put it 'on the market' and a few people have bought it, earning me less than 200GBP. I remained a 'UK Sole Trader' to do this,...
13 years ago 3
Where to find historical share prices?
Is there an online site where I might find the closing prices of a couple of LSE listed shares on a date in December 2004? Any help in avoiding making a visit to the reading room of the FT etc will be...
13 years ago 1