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Selling business idea and Capital Gains Tax?
About 3 months ago I wrote some computer software. About a month a go I put it 'on the market' and a few people have bought it, earning me less than 200GBP. I remained a 'UK Sole Trader' to do this,...
13 years ago 3
Where to find historical share prices?
Is there an online site where I might find the closing prices of a couple of LSE listed shares on a date in December 2004? Any help in avoiding making a visit to the reading room of the FT etc will...
13 years ago 1
Free sites for fund charts
1. 2. 3. Free fund screening using MACD
13 years ago
Keeping your home vs Instant Property portfolio.
Let's say a 50-year old has paid off their 25 year mortgage and their £50,000 house (1980 price) is now worth £500,000 (2005 price) Wouldn't it be better to sell your house and move into rented ...
13 years ago 39
UK debt but living abroad. What can debt collection agency do?
Hi, I have some debts in the UK. I am now living in the U.S. I am going to be applying for an IVA as soon as I have a job (which hopefully won't be too long!), but in the meantime, I've got a le...
13 years ago 4
Re: bugger-even this groups being spammed!
Use your kill file dear. Tiddy Ogg.
13 years ago
Business Collateral
My wife owns her own business paid for from equity within our house. It is a leasehold business is now profitable. We would like to buy another business but would rather not use any more equity....
13 years ago 3
Dubai Property Investment
The property market in Dubai is booming (its value has grown 28% this year alone) !!! Premier Real Estate Bureau is currently specializing in the sale of Jumeirah Beach Residencies ( a...
13 years ago 1
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13 years ago
Thoughts on arranging mortgages for own home and BTL.
Amounts below are for example only, but I presume wont make any difference to the actual recommendation. lets say I have a flexible mortgage of 50k. I also wish to buy a BTL property , cost 200k ...
13 years ago 3
UK minimum wage - seek table
Does anyone know where there's a table showing the UK minimum wage over the four years? Best I could find was this
13 years ago 2
2$ Pound
Theres been publicity in the last couple of days about the exchange rate encouraging people to travel to the usa for "shopping trips" because they can save money. Do people really do this knowing...
13 years ago 2
Mortgage Question
I have a mortgage of about £78k over 21 years. 20k is interest only. I'm looking to overpay by £100 a month on the repayment part of it. Would it also be smart to turn it into a full 100% repaymen...
13 years ago 4
Can some kind person help me out? I need a small quantity of e-gold for an on-line project but can't afford to buy from a wholesaler which is usually a couple of hundred dollars minimum so I'm told....
13 years ago 8
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