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council tax - hmo
I was renting the room within a house which could be described as HMO. The room was fitted with shower and fridge. Toilet and cooking facilities were shared with others, and locks on doors were in...
13 years ago 5
Question about early repayments for mortgage
Imagine following situation: I take mortgage for £180.000 for the flat (repayment, variable rate, 90% of flat price) for 25 years. I make my payments for 10 years, and then I sell the flat - say f...
13 years ago 21
2nd property sale and CGT
Hi, How long after the sale of a 2nd property do you have before CGT must be paid? Thanks, Eric
13 years ago 15
VAT/Import/Excise Duties
Can some one tell me where I can find information on Charges I must expect to pay when buying goods from Germany. I am thinking of buying some furniture etc from the net (for our own use). Will ...
13 years ago 2
Container full of computers/computer parts for sale
Hi All, There is only a few days left on it, a contain load of computers and computer parts. For full details go here: It fini...
13 years ago
Debt questions re: writing to banks.
Hi, I have got myself (like so many people) into an unfortunate financial mess and I am looking for advice. Basically, I have the usual loans (from banks), overdrafts, and credit card debts. Th...
13 years ago
Viatical settlement
Does anyone know of a firm in the UK that deals with these? All the ones I've found are US-based. Rob Graham
13 years ago 2
Current Account/Offset Mortgages
I went to the One Account website and was impressed by how much it looks like I could save on my mortgage. My savings are about £30000, my mortgage is £78000. Having the current a/c with them as ...
13 years ago 3
Is there a news site for shares?
Is there a news site which deals with the share market? Blair
13 years ago 15
Savings advice wanted
I have got just over 3000 savings in an ING account paying 4.75%. I've just received a letter stating they are not going to put heir rates up. I don't need to touch this money for at least 6 months ...
13 years ago 3
Ing Direct finally slips behind base rate
Just got an email telling me that they were 'holding' their interest rate at 4.75% despite BoE base rate going up to 5%. I guess they finally fell off the 'reasonable buys' list. Whether they th...
13 years ago 4
but to let investment, too good to be true?
I'm a bit new to this and in Yorkshire what does and experienced property person think to this? I found on the web not the traditional buy to let but much b...
13 years ago 1
How is the Retail Price Index (and, therefore inflation?) REALLY worked out? Is it done on weight/capacity/number of items per unit......or just "what was offered last week and went up this week"? ...
13 years ago 10
Iceland: 6th richest country in the world?
Someone just told me that Iceland is the 6th richest country in the world. I was incredulous, but did a quick google and came up with: But that gives Iceland as having t...
13 years ago 4
Off-set Mortgage and savings question
I have an off-set mortgage with Intelligent Finance of about 100,000. There is a possibility of my parent's moving to a smaller house and gifting me in excess of 100,000. If I kept more than 100...
13 years ago 2