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Re: Take heart, chocolate lovers
I highly recommend Green & Blacks - it's all pricey but the taste buds say it's worth it! chas
13 years ago 1
Investing in corporate bonds?
I'm a reporter at a news agency. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who would like to buy corporate bonds, but doesn't because it's hard to get information on pricing. I'm writing a piece ab...
13 years ago
Best way to clear 3k debt ?
Have been approached by Gregory Pennington, they say they can clear it in 19 months and only pay 200 a month which includes their fee. Thats 50 cheaper a month to pay out than im paying now and o...
13 years ago 3
First Direct has started the ball rolling
.....banks are being hit left right and centre with the loss of income from (extortionate) penalty credit card fees, next overdraft fees and soon they will lose the interest on holding onto our mo...
13 years ago 27
New cheque clearance rules
Agreement reached on clearing cheques fast but not till nov 2007 so no more up to 10 days clearance that some insist on. Reduced time as well for them to be able to reject a cheque even if youve ...
13 years ago 1
Tax free computers?
Hi, Was the Tax Free Computer scheme (HCI?) actually scrapped? If so has it been replaced? TIA, M
13 years ago 3
Need help in your research? Running after tight deadlines of your school and business papers? Is your organization or business planning to put up a website? Do you want to strike the balance bet...
13 years ago
Online Banking 24/7 Banks.
Which banks offer 24 / 7 access to online banking facilities ? I hate Abbey they shut their web site at around 11pm. Also Halifax close web banking at 2.a.m.
13 years ago 10
Turkish Bank Account?
Hi Does anyone have any experience of opening and operating a Turkish Bank account? I am thinking of doing so to ease spending and saving in the country; however, I will not own a property there....
13 years ago
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13 years ago 1
Help needed with tax on private mileage claim with non-company car
Hi, can anyone help me understand what I need to do to ensure I don't end up not paying the right amount of tax I should be. Situation: I get cash through wages as a car allowance and also paymen...
13 years ago 7
Refused Income Protection Insurance
I've been refused Income Protection insurance by a certain large French insurance company, because of my medical history listing a mental health problem. That came as a bit of a surprise, as: a) I'...
13 years ago 2
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SwissCash:300% Profit,10%Commission,5% Bonus,1% Revenue & 0.01% Daily Profit Payout!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ­­----- Hi SwissCash : http:...
13 years ago
Private Company Shareholder Q
Hi, If A,B,C, and D start up a business, each with 100 shares @1, and the business goes on to be a huge success with a net worth of, say 1m.... If A wishes to sell his share to the others, how i...
13 years ago 2
Rent vs mortgage calculator
Can anyone recommend a good web rent vs mortgage calculator? All the ones I've seen so far fail to take enough variables into account (e.g. costs of the mortgage, stamp duty, costs of house maint...
13 years ago 4