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Ultra secure MBNA PIN notification
Got a PIN notification sent to me by MBNA. Peel back perforated tab, scrape off grey panel with coin, look at panel against white background .......nothing visible because scraping off the grey ...
13 years ago 24
the new scottish widow
Does anyone know who the new scottish widow is?
13 years ago 1
Latest money laundering joke ..
This one I have to share. My mother (long time owner of NSI products, been on voting register 60 years, been at same address for 20+ years) just got turned down by NSI when she went to buy some ...
13 years ago
Investment held in trust - what exactly does that mean ?
Abour 10 years ago the company I was working for was taken over - the pension fund was closed and we were given 3 options : 1. Get back the contributions + interest (peanuts!) 2. Get a 'settlement...
13 years ago 1
Information supplied by Equifax
My organisation is interested in using a Credit Reference Agency to help us determine the correct course of action to take against those people that have not met their payment obligations. We would ...
13 years ago 4
Balance transfers and zero %
I have just had a call from by bank about switching my credit card to a different type. I always pay off the balance so I am not too bothered by the offer of zero % except that my wife does have lar...
13 years ago 4
Flat for sale Edinburgh
We will be moving shortly and I have put a For Sale sign in our window in the hope of attracting a buyer before I hand it over to my lawyer to sell. I sold my last house that way. I just put the sig...
13 years ago 7
Celestia Fund Supermarket
Hi I have been recomended Celestia as a fund supermarket, I can find references to them like this: but I can find no i...
13 years ago 4
Hi all, Great news for holiday makers.....a new site that I have just made "Live" gets you the best holiday deals, have a look at extras page has airport louge bookings a...
13 years ago 1
New Business Opportunity - Don't miss out...!!!
Hi all, I have a very interesting business idea which needs funding, it could involve a patent if looked into. I cannot go into too much detail for obvious reason but please get in contact via ema...
13 years ago 1
Cheap and Best Insurance
Hello everyone! After few months of hard work, my site about the various insurance sites is finally up and running. I have tried to create a site that acts as a gateway and goes right to the point ...
13 years ago
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Abuse reports to
13 years ago
Joint mortgage advice for first time buyer
Hi, Just wondered if you guys could give a first time buyer some advice. Im in the process of buying a flat with a friend which we hope to sell in a couple of years, making a small profit. To raise...
13 years ago 4
OT: Spanish fee-free banking?
Hi Does anyone know whether there are any Spanish banks offering fee-free banking to Spanish residents? (I guess assuming that the account holder is in credit). Thanks in advance for any recom...
13 years ago 6
Can Tax be Avoided for One Off Bonus Payment?
Hi all Due to an iminent company take over, existing employees are being offered loyalty bonuses to keep the workforce together. In my case, if I take this as a direct salary payment, this will m...
13 years ago 18