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Motley Fool data integrity compromised?
Has the data integrity of Motley Fool been compromised? I received a spam today at an address used *only* for the Motley Fool mailing list (which I am no longer a member of) from an organisation...
13 years ago 15
Should I (or can I) declare bancruptcy?
I am about £50,000 in debt to banks and have £30,000 owing on my mortgage. I had a downturn in my health back in January, which caused my energy levels to plummet. As I'm self-employed, that meant I...
13 years ago 9
Prepaid debit/Credit cards
Hi, Are there any Prepaid Debit or Credit cards which allow you to topup online using a Debit or Credit card? 360money offer this, but its not working as they are sorting this out due to problems......
13 years ago 1
More than one SIPP?
I've always assumed that you can have more than one SIPP (providing the lifetime allowance is not exceeded). But I've never actually seen it written anywhere. Can anyone confirm? Nick You can have as...
13 years ago 1
Getting married (just to) to save money
I am friends with a hot Latvian chick in London (she works in Subway sandwiches shop in SW3) We've fooled around a couple of times - for fun, nothing more What if I was to get married to her? Could I...
13 years ago 24
Check Endorsements: What are the different types?
What are the different types of check endorsements, and what does each one mean? And what's the difference b/w "for deposit" and "for collection"? Thanks!!!!! In message , DarkProtoman writes Are you...
13 years ago 12
Need Money
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13 years ago
Bank services in the UK
Hello, I just finished a site to help consumers find products and services online from banks in the United Kingdom. Come by for a visit and see how it can help people find what they need quickly and...
13 years ago 2
Anybody able to help me with tax codes?
I've long suspected I'm being over taxed. For the first few weeks in this job I was on emergency tax. It wasn't until I raised it they told me to do a P46. I never got the emergency tax back (does...
13 years ago 2
yawnnnnnnn zzzzzzz LOL, my thoughts exactly. Seems I need another message rule. :-(
13 years ago 2
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13 years ago
Is it possible to pay my mobile bills using 'PrePaid' 'Credit' cards?
They are actually 'prepaid' debit cards that you can 'load' with cash at the post office, see for a list One I am considering is It is 'maestro'. Can I pay my 02 bill my maestro (instead of direct...
13 years ago 12
Great offer from Capital One!
The folks at Capital One just offered me a balance transfer rate special offer: "9.5%, long-term". When I pressed them to clarify exactly what they meant by "long-term", they quickly confessed that...
13 years ago 1
Bankruptcy - Still allowed a bank account?
Quick question please. If I have to declare personal bankruptcy, am I still allowed a bank account for benefit payments etc? Will a bank give me one or can I keep my existing one (don't owe them...
13 years ago 15
Investment Required For Business RE: Energy/Enviroment - Green..
Hi all, I have a very interesting business idea which needs funding, it could involve a patent if looked into. I cannot go into too much detail for obvious reason but please get in contact via email...
13 years ago