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11/8/2009 - The Current Market Sentiment
The greenback could hold most of its last week gains versus the japanese yen which was effected negatively by The better than expected release of the US labor report of July which has shown that the...
10 years ago
anyone had any experience of this credit company
good and bad experience please? if they ask for money up front don't touch them with a barge pole HTH tim Thats exactly what they want... a fee of about 300 quid!..and for someone in financial...
10 years ago 6
Company selling spare land
30 years ago a Ltd Co inadvertently acquired a bit of next door's garden due to a mistake by the Land Registry. The householder is now offering to buy it back. Prior to the money laundering regs I...
10 years ago 7
Will i have to re-insure for another year (lose 10 months insurance)?
Insured my car fully comp about 2 months ago Lorry just wrote it off (no witnesses) Bought almost identical replacement Will i have to re-insure for another year (lose 10 months insurance)? Don't...
10 years ago 4
Capitola Beach Homes - Investment Tips
If you are in search of a wise investment in the real estate world, you can consider the Capitola Beach houses in California. And why are these homes categorized as wise investment? One, because it...
10 years ago
Inheritence tax via building Society/ Trust
My mom who is quite old will have to pay a substntial iht bill. We saw a financial advisor last week and I don't entirely understand him. If my mom invests her savings with him in a trust, she...
10 years ago 35
France Telecom dividend
France Telecom dividend envelope arrived Friday. Did anyone else get 2 cheques or am I a luck winner? Confusing if intentional.
10 years ago
OT YOUTUBE: BNP Arthur Kemp Great Rousing Speech!
YouTube - BNP's - Arthur Kemp speech in Wigan, June 25th 2009 1: 2: 3: Indeed very rousing if your IQ is lower than a dwarfs shoe size, and you have trouble with reading and writing! On Aug 8,...
10 years ago 2
cheap International Calls
brings the best clear lines with cheap rates to call home from the uk. Try our service no accounts to open , no cards needed, simply dial one of our numbers below and start talking at cheap rates....
10 years ago
Continuous Payment Authority
We haven't yet fallen for any "automatic renewals", but it's all too easy to miss the opt-out when taking out an insurance policy or membership of some sort. If I were to write to my credit-card...
10 years ago 53
192nd Israeli Foreign Legionaire Dies in Afghaninam
A British soldier was killed by an explosion in southern Afghanistan today, the Ministry of Defence has said. The serviceman, from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), attached to the...
10 years ago
3/8/2009 - The Current Market Sentiment
The British pound has been pushed strongly today by the better than expected release of UK PMI manufacturing index of July which reach the expansion territory above 50 for the first time since March...
10 years ago
Local authority carer charges
My daughter (26 years old) has Down's Syndrome. She lives with my wife and I and receives Disability Living Allowance, Incapacity Benefit and Mobility Allowance. For some years, the local authority...
10 years ago 4
Turkish Bonds
Does anyone have experience of same? Too good to be true? Do you mean savings accounts or corporate bonds? Have you had a look at the rate of inflation and the history of exchange rate changes of the...
10 years ago 2
Mortgage rates crystal ball
Obviously, this is not a subject that's amenable to accurate prediction. However, if anyone would care to get their crystal ball out I would be most grateful. I have to pick a new mortgage very soon,...
10 years ago 4