ANN: Free/open source accounting software (gnuaccounting)

Gnuaccounting ( ) is a Free, open source, java based accounting software for very small organizations. It is currently still alpha (0.5.7) so please don't use it in production
unless you have a hot fallback solution available.
I embed as a template designer for invoices, credit memos etc. and use HSQLDB (or, if you like, MySQL) to store the data.
Gnuaccounting is supposed to run on Linux (KDE) and Windows. Unfortunately there currently seems to be a bug in the GTK2=Gnome2/SWT bridge so the embedded openoffice will not receive any keystrokes (workaround: design your templates in standalone, they are in ~/.gnuaccounting/0000/<prefix>-template1.odt).
It's supposed to be international but to be honest, it became very german.
    1) my business english is just crap. If you see that I've really used a wrong or strange word somewhere please send me suggestions to improve it.
    2) It integrates mainly with mainly german homebanking software (Moneyplex and Staroney)
    3) The only accounting frame is currently the german SKR03 (Standart-Kontenrahmen 3), maybe somebody could give me some advice regarding IAS/IFRS?
    4) I doubt that any non-german will make use of the VAT announcement feature for the german IRS office (there is an interface with a software called winston), but that's OK, it saves me a lot of time :-)
If you're interested please have a look use this group for your comments and suggestions.
Thanks and kind regards, Jochen
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