ANN: LedgerPlus Version 1.4 from Responsive Software

LedgerPlus Version 1.4 from Responsive Software Free 30-day trial now available from
LedgerPlus version now includes fixed assets & depreciation,
budgeting, account summaries
* Extremely easy-to-use general ledger * Automatic fully-integrated cashbook * Automatic fully-integrated invoicing * Automatic fully-integrated stock control * Automatic fully-integrated accounts receivable * Automatic fully-integrated point-of-sale (POS) * Automatic fully-integrated fixed assets & depreciation * Four user access levels - administrator, supervisor, clerk & client * Comprehensive reports - customers, sales, payments & stock * Runs on all versions of Windows (95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP) * Minimizes number of keystrokes necessary * Improves accuracy of data entered into database * No complex procedures to learn or remember * Very easy to download, install and setup * No on-going licence fees or support issues * Operates consistently with our free Ledger program * Simple bank account reconciliations * Tax calculated automatically via cashbook * Single-click tax calculation via ledger * Dynamic balances - no period close or rollover * Produce balance sheets for any arbitrary date * Produce income statements for any arbitrary period * Detailed account statements for any arbitrary period * Account summary statements for any arbitrary period * Add or edit entries for any historical date * Graph function to view finances at a glance * Optionally show comparative figures on reports * Optionally show budgeted figures on income statements * Preview function to view reports before printing * Transfer data from our free Ledger program * Function to purge all data before a specified date * Find/next function to search through cashbook * Find/next function to search through ledger account * Multi-company - no limit on number of companies * Multi-user - no limit on number of licenced users * Handles unlimited amounts of data in database * Repository for sharing electronic documents * Client/server mode - runs on any TCP/IP network * Uses a secure encrypted binary protocol * Database uses BDE/Paradox or Firebird/Interbase * Developed using our Business Application Framework * FREE program updates as they become available * Never be forced to upgrade again * Complete satisfaction guaranteed!
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