BoA-Merrill Lynch , their lawyers and the Judge, N.J. beaches and toxic waste, questions for the DoJ and the Congress

Lawyers and Bankers here in the USA are sometimes very much in "cahoots" with Legislators Sadly sometimes even with some Judge's chambers : take the case of Judge Rakoff in New York and in the Merrill Lynch and Bank of America case, where all parties agree, including the very incompetent and "out-of-the-loop" SEC, that Bank of America under advice of their lawyers ( Wachtel,Lipton,Rosen & Katz ) and Merrill Lynch lawyers ( Shearman & Sterling ) ,didn't told the BoA stockholders that Merrill executives very entitled and were going to receive 3.2 billion dollars in bonuses...well, Judge Rakoff then goes against the BoA executives but not against the lawyers who gave the advice, why ? is the Judge working to get something out of the BoA ? why not go also against the lawyers who gave the wrong and illegal advice while making millions of dollars in fees? it's because they have something in common ? will the Justice Dpt. Investigate the Judge's reasons for not going against the lawyers ?
...and the fact that Merrill Lynch executives were the ones ( with the A.I.G., Lehman Brothers , Bear Stearns and Citi top executives and Board members ) the ones who most pushed the phony derivatives-Credit- Default-Swaps junk all over the world and went home with their multi- million dollar bonuses is the real insult .....and so far, nothing !
and this Judge is an old story in New York and New Jersey States : in 2003 and 2004 he gave a permit to Gypsum to dump thousands of tons of toxic waste and chemical refuse left overs ( sheet-rock waste and other construction products waste ) just 65 miles out to sea and off New York Harbor , when everybody knew that the ocean current was going to dump the toxic waste in the beaches of the 2 States , and by law just a bit of toxic waste on the beaches sand would have forced the States to close down all the beaches , end and ruin the vital tourist season and crash the Real Estate Market Values in the area, why ? why push down the Real Estate values of all these communities from Red Hook to Cape May ? why ? did the Judge knew that his own orthodox communities in Lakewood and Long Branch in New Jersey as well as Williamsburg and Kier Joel in New York State were trying to corner the Real Estate markets in these coastal cities but didn't have the capital ? why ruin the beaches of all these "gentile communities" ? to cut down the real estate values and buy them cheap ? to kick the gentiles out ? why ? .... and then after that, there was a very suspicious heavy-oil spill in Ocean Grove-Bradley Beach beaches ,N.J., and some of these orthodox above showed-up with millions of dollars of brand new ' toxic spill recovery equipment", with brand new trucks and pumps , operators and heavy gear on the ready , etc., and was all that just a coincidence? or something else ? will the Justice Dpt. open up the old file ? will all the local leaders at the time stand up now ? does anybody cares anymore in New Jersey and New York ? is the gentile community ever awake ? ....maybe they deserved what they almost got ?
After weeks of protests by Local leaders, business owners, families and home owners , Mayors and State elected officials , etc., the Judge reversed course and the toxic waste was not dumped on the ocean in front of New Jersey and New York beaches, thank God for that....
But looking at some of the partners of Judge Rakoff in the Justice Dpt., like Dep. A.G. Breuer and specially Solicitor General Elena Kagan, they will never investigate anything ! we must remember that Elena Kagan was the assistant to Jamie " The Wall " Gorelick at the DoJ , the one who wrote the famous DoJ memo in the late 90's that made it impossible for so many Justice Dpt. Investigators and Officers to have talks between Intelligence ,Law Enforcement , Airports, States, Customs and the Justice Dpt., a total wall ! , and that's why the 9/11/01 terrorists were able to slip in, learn only to fly and not land big commercial planes and blow-up the WTC will the Attorney General and his team investigate? will anyone ? do anybody cares ? many are saying that Judge Rakoff and Elena Kagan are being promoted and propped-up in the neocon media as Supreme Court Justices candidates, it's that so ? do they know who they really are ? are all the gentiles in America duped? are they awake ? mentally aware ? what's going on ? does the President and the V.P. know about this ? will anyone give them the whole file on Rakoff and Kagan ? will anyone in D.C. check the lawyers above and the Judge ? will Congress ask questions ? do they care ?
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