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Hi everyone,
I was hoping an accountant could comment on this posting. I have a degree in mathematics from UVM and want to become an accountant. I found an online school
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that has a bachelors in accounting that I could get in 2 years. Or, I could apply to the local college
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and take 3 years to get a degree in accounting. I would like to know the job prospects for each choice. On the one hand I want to get done as soon as possible and start working, however, I am afraid with the online school that it might be harder to find a job. Please provide your comments. I appreciate the ability to pick the brains of accountants out there.
Thank you, Pegeen
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Pegeen Long
It's always best to go to a brick and mortar school. If you take online classes, do a lot of research and ensure that the school is accredited and has a good reputation. I got my accounting degree online and got mixed reactions when I went on job interviews. In general, older people don't think much of them. However, they are becoming more common place. As such, I got one interview solely because the accounting manager wanted to see why I did so well taking accelerated courses online. She had tried it and found it difficult.
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From this accountant: I have two Master Degrees. I enjoy having a combination of online classes as well as traditional school room classes. While online classes are great, you will learn so much more in the traditional setting by being able to interact with the instructor and classmates. It will enable you to have less guess work if you are able to discuss situations and/or cases in person. Make sure the college/university is accredited. When I hire, I look at the degree but also wince it came. In accounting, you have to know your stuff. You can only fake it so far and then it will come back to bite you in the butt.
My two cents!
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I always judge Accounting schools in comparison to Lewis University in Illinois, where I would go if I had to do it again. They hit what you need right on the button. Some schools are a little too accelerated. You will know your stuff there I think.
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