ethical deduction?: donated work on (landlord) friends house

I have been helping a land lord friend out that is unemployed and must sell their house, by painting and patching their rental property, and their house. I'm supplying both the labor and the materials.
Is there an ethical way to deduct my costs or my labor? What if I billed them, and they never paid? Can I deduct the loss?
Is there another creative/ethical approach? (I'm also unemployed)
-- thanks/regards
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Name withheld by request
"Name withheld by request" wrote
It's not a charitable deduction - so that's out.
And you aren't "in the business of" providing that service, so there's no deduction there.
And it's an activity that doesn't seem to be "for profit" so you can't claim to be in business for the deductions.
Dude. Looks like you can't deduct anything.
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Paul Thomas, CPA
In article you write:
Had my friend been paying someone to do the work in the rental unit they could deduct.
I'm also a small landlord w/3 tenants. I do fix up work on my rental units, and at least can deduct for materials. I thought perhaps I could bill for the work I did, and write off the unpaid bill as a loss.
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
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