Need Small Business Accounting Software

We are looking for a small business accounting program that can do
everything we need. No program I have seen so far can do everythign
we need.
Can anyone make a custom accoutning program for us? Contact if you can. Thanks.
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"mdginzo" wrote
Probably, without knowing what your needs are, not.
Have you looked at the retail software? Peachtree and QuickBooks?
What things do you need it to do above and beyond that comes from the box?
Have you researched the secondary market for add-ons for both programs?
And it's highly likely that you'll not find any one software that can "do everything you need". Most retail software is written for the "generic" user and while often quite adaptable to many users, lacks some specific needs of some businesses. Short of having code written from scratch, you may end up with different programs to meet the different needs you have.
One source for you to research would be any local, regional or national trade groups in your industry that may be able to tell you what a majority of their members (in the same business as you) use for software. A plus is they may have a deal struck with the vendor for "member" discounts.
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Paul Thomas, CPA
What is your definition of everything you need. Post a response and increase the chances of an informed response.
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A Nonny Moose
On Sep 13, 7:15 pm, "A Nonny Moose" wrote:
The problem is no accounting software you review can do "everything", no matter how it's defined. You could get someone to customize an open source accounting package but the upfront and recurring annual costs would be prohibitive. Remember, even in small companies this has to include or work with payroll, general ledger, tax reports, etc. Your best bet is to look at downloading trial sample programs for the major brands - Quickbooks, Peachtree, MYOB, etc. and if a feature you really want is missing talk to a knowledgeable accounting person about add-on's or alternatives.
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