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I have had trouble with my CPA and Bookkeeper for the past two years. Now I am getting these letter from the IRS telling me there are some reports that have not been filed.
My main question is about 2005 941/W2's. I had a bookkeeper look at my payroll information and she give me the number I needed to use. So I worked up my w2's and my 941 with a 941C form. over the year I was a total of (12.21) so I took that data and paid per the form. Now I was getting my information togeather for a bank and I find that she did not do my payroll infomation correctly. I have not filed the 941 or 941C. Should I only file my 941 for 2005. and then when I file my 1st qtr. 2006 include the mistakes from prior year? I am lost.
Thanks Brian
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"Brian" wrote
Each year needs to stand alone. So do not carry any problems from 2005 to 2006. Resolve the 2005 issues with all of the 2005 reports (941, 940, W-2/W-3, etc) and don't forget the state reports as well.
You should be able to beg off any penalties, but not interest. And, you should find another tax professional to help you.
Paul Thomas, CPA
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Paul Thomas, CPA

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