W2's and Box 14

Hi and "Happy End of Year Tasks"
I am preparing for the year end W2's. Our company has a 125 Plan for
pretaxed dollars on the Health Insurance. I have the Tax Tracking on
"Premium Only Plan" and it correctly states the employees gross earnings.
It has been my understanding that Pre-taxed dollar amounts should be listed
in Box 14 of the employees W2. I do not see that on the 2005 W2's.
First question is: Is this a IRS mandatory tax listing, or is it optional???
I have received conflicting answers to this question.
Second question is: Why do I not see this tax listed on W2?
Third question is: I have read that you are able to edit or add information
to Box 14. If I add the Health Plan and amount employee paid, will this have
any effect on my Payroll reports?
Thanks in advanced.
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