Seperating Business Accounting for divisions

I have an internet web development and services business (develop web
sites). This is an LLC business. I want to start a division of my
business which books adventure travel tours. Do I need to seperate the
accounting for the two "divisions"?
Thanks in advance for all usesful replies!
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you dont "need" to, but i would think you would want may (in the future) want to know what each line of business was "doing" revenue and/or expenses...
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On 8 Aug 2005 17:45:02 -0700, in alt.accounting "yayoubetcha" wrote in :
Only if you want to understand whether the two divisions are both worth your effort. Some publicly traded companies are required to break out their businesses if they multiple lines of business, but privately owned businesses are not. Depending on the state, it might be a big advantage for you to split them if you have to collect sales tax for the travel tours, but don't for the services.
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David Jensen
If you are keeping both businesses under the same LLC, then all you need to do is "departmentalize" your chart of accounts. Each department will generate its own income statement. If you use the right accounting software, it will also generate a "consolidated" income statement, showing the combination of both businesses. Because cash and other assets will probably be mingled, that should handle it. If you don't know how to departmentalize your chart of accounts, it is available in the Preferred Edition of A-Systems Visual Bookkeeper at
formatting link
for an affordable price. Now, here are the questions. Do you think it's appropriate to have both companies share the liability of the other company? If you recognize the wisdom of having an LLC to limit your personal liability, why not limit the liability of each company to its own operation? That means having two LLCs. It I were doing it, that's what I'd do. Then, you can use Visual Bookkeeper to run both companies, separately.
Just my thoughts,
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On 8 Aug 2005 17:45:02 -0700, "yayoubetcha" wrote:
You may want to check in misc.taxes.moderated (if you are in the US). You may need separate schedule C's if that's the way you file.
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