taxes and garnishment

still kept my main residence in Arizona and files Arizona tax forms
recently found out that my paycheck was 25% less than I expected. I uaually print and mail checks to pay bills a few days before I get paid I expected the deficiency to be corrected and sent out checks. What I did not expect was for many of the checks to bounce...
I noticed the amount I was paid was less than normal, I made an adjustment in my records as I expected it was an error and would be corrected.
I contacted the payroll department at work, they told me to call ADP Garnishment services, who told me to call the California Franchise tax board...
1) where do I send the fees for the bounced checks 2) what is the limitation on how long after the taxes were due that the state has to file any collection action such as a garnishment 3) if the action is illegal or improper, how do I recover damages.
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