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Mileage Reimbursement Accounting
Hello all, I'm a pastor who receives a monthly reimbursement for business miles traveled. I manage my personal finances in Quickbooks. My question is: How do I account for this check in Quickbooks? I ...
12 years ago 3
sell my liquor store & taxed capital gains?
If I buy a liquor store today for $100,000 & sell it 3 years later for $200,000, is there capital gains tax? How about if I sell it in 1 or 2 years? The liquor store is in Los angeles area. Thanks in ...
12 years ago 3
Any body wants to sell DAC EASY V12 POS ( new or used) ??? Thank you Osva
12 years ago
Tree farm inventory valuation
I can see two ways to value inventory for a tree farm: 1: What did it cost to get the tree to that size. To do this, I need to evaluate the price of the original pot, the seedling, the dirt, the time ...
12 years ago
Accounting jobs suck!
was 3.87 on 4.0 scale. I have been a professional seeker of accounting jobs for five years. Most employers will not even consider you for good paying position unless you are CPA or have an advanced gr...
12 years ago 6
Accounting and Outlook? Sync-able?
I am looking to manage my small business acounting, in sync with my contacts and calendar which I use in Outlook (07 w/ Business Contact Manager). I also use Microsoft Accounting program. I.e. I'd lik...
12 years ago
Job search costs from past years tax deductible; I didn't realize that they were until recently, so?
070624053159AAo81xu Job search costs from past years tax deductible; I didn't realize that they were until recently, so? Job search costs from past years tax deductible; I didn't realize that they wer...
12 years ago
2 Senior Financial Analyst Positions $75k+
Position: 2 Sr. Financial Analyst openings Company: Unisource Worldwide Location: Atlanta Salary: $75K+, Bonus, Great Benefits, Etc. Contact: Lisa Burlingame: Unisource is the leading independent mark...
12 years ago
solutions manual for intermediate accounting 12e, kieso, weygandt, warfield
Hi, I am a senior majoring in finance, and I am currently taking intermediate accounting. If someone has an electronic copy of the solutions manual for this book and is willing to provide it, I would ...
12 years ago 6
Deltek Advantage/Vista incompatibility
Our company uses Deltek "Timekeeper" and "Expensekeeper" Advantage 9.0 (Build 5) with SQL Server 2000 and WinXP and Win2000 workstations. We have been told that the new Vista OS will not work with our...
12 years ago
business expense accounting
I'm curious of how expenses are accounted for in the following scenario... Say a business such as a retailer pays $100 a month in rent, and $5 a month to someone to cut the grass. It is likely that th...
12 years ago 6
pay dates issue
I have encountered an issue and would appreciate any feedback. What are the implications of depositing net wages into employees' bank accounts a day before the recorded "pay date"? The company is a pr...
12 years ago 1
newbie - CC sales & returns
Hi, I'm hoping to start my own business and I'm trying to teaching myself bookkeeping. I have a question regarding a sale paid by credit card that gets returned. Here is the transaction: Customer buys...
12 years ago 12
Corruption and how to deal with it. - Sox, Basel II
've got a couple of questions about corruption. I'm part of a non-profit organisation that is devoted to helping its members learn and develop in a particular subject. It makes money from selling book...
12 years ago 2
"if you buy something from Canada for your business" question
Hello, If you bought something from Canada for your business like a fax machine, can you simply put that on your corporate tax return for the US they way you normally would as an expense, or does it c...
12 years ago 1