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Emailing an invoice from within Simply Accounting 2007
Question: I use Simply Accounting 2007 and MS Outlook 2003. Whenever I send an invoice to a customer by email from within Simply Accounting a dialog box appears saying, "A program is trying to access...
13 years ago 1
Question re: 40 or 50 mortgages??
We are a married couple... both 45 years old, with mortgage questions.... What are the pluses and minuses to consider regarding 40 or 50 year notes versus conventional 30?? Isn't it good to have the...
13 years ago 1
In-Kind payment
I use equipment from my church that has a rental value $35 a week. I don't get paid cash as I get free (in-kind) use of it for services that I perform at the church. How do I account for this. My...
13 years ago 8
REO department
Does anybody know contact information for REO department in a bank anywhere in southern california? I want to buy a REO home and I really need this information. Thank you so much. Yunior Lopez
13 years ago
Business Auto Trade in
I bought a vehicle in 2005 for my business, and took depreciation on it in 2005 on my taxes. In 2006, I traded in this vehicle for another. What forms does this need to be recorded on? I understand...
13 years ago
about certified management accountant
Hi: I currently have a big struggling (please see below) whether I should continue to pursue CMA or I should change to pursue CGA instead. I hope anyone would give me some advice or share your...
13 years ago
Home work help
Need some help! Is this a MCI/Enron thing? Anyone know the right answer? Benson and Jencks is a manufacturing company that specializes in writing instruments. The past year was a difficult one for the...
13 years ago 1
Home Builder-1099 responsibility
Seems that title offices no longer send 1099's for commissions that are paid @ closings. Is it the home builder's responsibility to get W-9's and report these earnings? TIA N Owen
13 years ago
Costing in brief
Dear Friends, Am new to this field of posting but i hope you will be familiar with ppl like me, i would like to know what are the various areas handled in Costing am planning to make my career in the...
13 years ago 6
Hundreds of Accounting Jobs at a single click on AccountingCrossing.Com
AccountingCrossing is a one-stop resource for accounting jobs on the internet. Catering specifically to the needs of job seekers and accounting professionals, the site posts fresh accounting jobs...
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What's the word for this (not "amortize")?
What's the correct word to use in this example? "The season ticket cost $20 so I need to come here 3 more times to _____ it." I think I've been misusing "amortize". "pay for" The season ticket costs...
13 years ago 46
simple reconcile software/website
Can anyone recommend a website or software (free is ideal) that will do reconciliation, not tied into a checking/savings account? I need to reconcile more than 500 batches of numbers. For instance, I...
13 years ago 1
Nominee capital gains
I Posted this on , but I think they're having posting issues right now so I thought I would try here: My son was given some stock for his 16th birthday. He recently decided to sell it and, for...
13 years ago 1
How do I post this - memory has gone totally blank?
I am trying to finish the books of my hobby business this weekend but have forgotten how to correctly post the credit interest in my business account If I post it from the curent account to interest...
13 years ago 1
"Disguising" US Treasuries as Equity
Suppose that I register a company with the SEC. This company issues an equity which many investors purchase, and the stocks issue a bi- annual dividend of ~5.5% (based on the IPO price). The dividends...
13 years ago 9