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Hmm, wonder if this group is still alive. Maybe can test with a simple question. What kind of non-obvious twists are allowed in encoding account numbers on checks?
My checks give a weird variation for account number that doesn't match the bank statement account number. It drops one but not all of the leading zeros. It substitutes a strange symbol for one of the embedded zeros. What's up with this? I know how to distinguish that number from routing number, check number, and the normal boundary symbols.
Strangest thing is I have entered it both ways and it seems to work. I just worry that some tax transfer or utility payment is only being supported by a manual interventions to fix one of the wrong encodings, and it will fail someday. Thanks
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On Sun, 5 Jun 2011 20:25:24 CST, dumbstruck wrote:
Can't help with the encoding question, but I have noticed before that activity around here slows when the stock market slumps.
Plus - maybe we're getting to the point where we know it all.
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HW \"Skip\" Weldon
That actually happened to me - I set up electronic payments using my routing number and checking account number as I knew them. After a few months, I got a nasty-gram from the bank, saying that I should use the account number as it was printed on the paper checks. That consisted of an extra leading zero, and an extra trailing "3". They got tired of recoding the transactions every month.
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