New MIFP Moderator

We are very pleased to announce that David S. Meyers, CFP has agreed
to be the new Moderator of
The transition period has begun and will formally end with his first
post as Moderator.
Until then the newsgroup will continue to function as it has in the
past. Meanwhile, please do not respond to this posting.
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HW "Skip" Weldon
"HW \"Skip\" Weldon" writes:
Thanks, Skip
I want to thank Skip and Ed for all their work moderating this newsgroup these last few years. Thanks, guys.
Moreover, the newsgroup will still continue to function in as it has. At this point I see no reason to change any of the policies nor to do anything differently.
You'll note that I'm posting here from the following e-mail address:
I will keep that address active specifically for issues related to this newgroup, both as moderator and as a participant.
If you have any concerns or questions, please do not post them in the newsgroup but rather address them directly to me. I want to keep the newsgroup on topic.
My thanks to all the fine folks who have been such generous participants in this newsgroup's ongoing discussions. I hope you all can stick around and keep it going.
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