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For some time Edward K. Zollars and H.W. "Skip" Weldon have served as
co-moderators of (MIFP). We have decided
it is time to resign and appoint a new Moderator for MIFP.
The process for selection of a new Moderator will be governed by the
newsgroup's charter which can be seen at
formatting link
paragraphs 14-17.
Our intent is to name a sole Moderator who will then make decisions on
what he/she wants to do with respect to all newsgroup functions
(subject to the charter), including the naming of co-moderators.
Until this process is finished, the current co-moderators will
continue to moderate MIFP.
The selection will be announced on the newsgroup and will become
effective on a date selected by the retiring co-moderators and the new
Meanwhile, we earnestly solicit nominations from the participants.
heading "MIFP Moderator".
Nominations will be confidential, together with any comments. We also
request that you not ask that we respond to your email as our time for
this task is limited. Nominations will be accepted until Tuesday, May
If anyone does not wish to be considered, please let us know at the
same email address. I highly recommend this job as it has been fun,
challenging, interesting and most importantly it has provided a
priceless education in personal finance.
As usual, please do not respond to this post. Send nominations and
comments to
Thank you.
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HW "Skip" Weldon
What happens if a moderated news group is left without a moderator?
How does a new moderator get established in that case?
-- Ron
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Ron Peterson

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