Fidelity IRA funds for 2010

ok, it's that time of year -
We have our IRA's at Fidelity,
and can't really decide
which funds get the $6k for this year ?
We can't decide to go newly conservative,
or stay with the growth - SE Asia vs Domestic.
Have about 10yrs to let it sit,
and don't need it...
Also - seems we have created some overlap thru the years.
FDGRX, FFIDX, FDFFX, & FFNOX for the large
FSEAX & FEMKX for the foreign
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what I meant was that access was 10+ years away...
These holdings were doing ok before the financial collapse, and I didn't shuffle anything around - but now - can't decide....
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FFIDX and FSEAX have been pretty awful last few years, both as defensive and rebound plays. Now it might be too late for this switch since both the good and bad trends are long in the tooth and liable to reverse, but consider fseax->ficdx (canuck) and ffidx->EMB or any of the new free trade etfs from
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At this point - just looking for something to keep ahead of inflation... Some fixed income + small growth
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