Lots of Money Not Essential in Extreme Old Age

For those managing the affairs of an elderly relative or friend who is
not swimming in money, I found this article helpful:
Giving Alzheimer's Patients Their Way, Even Chocolate
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These lines made me smile and cheer:
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Very interesting. I also like the policies supporting the nursing staff. Some educational material for family members might encourage them to visit more successfully, more often ... and smuggle more "contraband." Custom decorating a room might help some, too.
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I live in terror or being under the control of institutions. I have spent the better part of my life being a student of a public school or an employee of a corporation.
Institutions are run the convenience and benefit of the leaders of the institution. Who has the biggest office in a school? Who wields the most power? Who has the highest salary? (Hint, schools aren't about the children, first.) The principal who is the top leader of the school. In a corporation who has the biggest office? Who wields the most power? Who gets $100 million bonuses? (Hint, it's not the customer, the employees or the shareholders.) Why the leader of the institution, the CEO.
I'm sure nursing homes, who wield total control over their patients, can "take care" of any whiners who complain about management or conditions. If there is a "Amnesty International" for nursing homes, that's where I want my charity money going. I'll be looking forward to seeing them if I do get stuck in a nursing home in "extreme old age".
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