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Hey there. I am using RMS and Point of Sale to run a Bakery and trying to directly export batches using the Quickbooks 2003 setting in the program. I have all of my accounts set up and linked correctly, I think. The problem I have is that when I try to post a batch I get the following error.
"An Error was detected while posting journals. Refer to C:\Program Files|Microsoft Retail Management System\Store Operations\QBPost.log for further details."
When I open up said file the line in the text file reads...
"Post of batch #x failed. Quick Books error - There was an error when saving a General Journal transaction. Quickbooks error message: Transaction was not in balance."
Now I understand the batch is out of balance for some reason. What I do not know is the best way to deduct why my batch is not in balance. I have run sales reports and such but do not see the cause of my apparent problems. I could not get through on the help desk and do not have time tonight to wait for them to call me.
So, I though I would ask around here to see if anyone has experienced this problem before. Any help, advice or tips would be greatly appreciated right now. This is getting really frustrating. I have gone back over the account linking and pretty sure i have things set up correctly.
Anyone, Buehler, anyone?
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Change the Accounting tab from QB2003 to QB File, That is going to post the batch into a .IFF file. which is nothing more than a flat file with comma separated values, change the extention from IFF to CSV, and see the file in EXCEL. All the positives and negatives should balance ZERO. if they don't take a look at your Z report for the answer to your problem. This is one way to troubleshoot the posting to QB. Be carefull with the BATCH number in top of the other valuesm make sure that you dont include in your calculations.
Rommel J. Jimenez
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Rommel J. Jimenez
Your account mappings are incorrect. If this has worked in the past, check for newly created departments or tender types that were have not been mapped. If you are setting up for the first time, there is a document in the knowledgebase on CustomerSource that should help you map your accounts. Better yet, contact your reseller and accountant/book keeper for help. No two sets of accounts are the same, so there is no generic mapping that you can copy... The technique that Rommel suggested is one way to detect the AMOUNT that is out of balance, which can sometimes be used to figure out which value is improperly mapped.
Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]
But there is not doubt that MY TECHNIQUE will head him into the right direction, it has worked for me in the past.
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Rommel J. Jimenez
I am having the same problem with an out of balance posting but my problem only shows up when I recieve a payment on account. When this happens RMS posts the sales to undeposited funds for the posting to quickbooks but does not make an entry to balance the accounts rec. amount. In RMS the instructions say that when mapping accounts the "store paid on" and "store paid to" accounts will automaticly have a corresponding debit or credit created for the posting to quickbooks. But in fact it does not and therefore the posting to QB is out of balance. Since this is supposed to happen automaticaly I am stumped on how to correct the out of balance posting. Any ideas?
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