QB Feed Error: "Transaction not in balance"

For several days, I've been trying to get a CLOSED RMS batch to POST and go over to my QuickBooks system through direct connection. I keep getting an error message of... "Transaction not in balance." This is the first time this has happened in the past year where I could not fix it (thru GL mapping).
Does anyone have a SQL query where I could find the Out of Balance problem? I tried to read a suggested KB #869930 but was not able to view it.
Thanks, D.
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This can happen for a lot of reasons. Biggest is usually an item which didn't get an department assigned. What you need to do is change the accounting settings to BYOD or one of the other text file exports. Then export that batch to a text file and open in excell.
Then you can look at the batch and using excell figure out where it is off. You may need to post it manually into qb or if it is a setting in the juornal mapping you could fix it then try to repost.
Be sure to set your accounting setting back to quickbooks after you have exported the file.
Hope that helps. This happens at our stores monthly. It's a pain.
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