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ROTH conversions
When the stock market is in the toilet, why don't we hear more recommendations for converting traditional IRA's to Roths? It's the perfect time for it because it minimizes your taxes. Question: If you...
11 years ago 13
FDIC takeover of bank
here is an e-mail I got from my broker regarding one of my brokered CDs. Unlike what I would have expected, the CD rate will be dropped to near zero from this point forward (unless I redeem now within...
11 years ago 11
Software to Track and Evaluate Portfolios
What are the best options for software that would allow you to track multiple portfolios and also provide guidance about the diversification of the portfolio? I'm looking for a tool that would be more...
11 years ago 1
529 plan questions from someone in Alabama
I've been looking into starting a 529 plan for my daughter, but have realized that the state-specific nature of the plans make it difficult to compare, especially since good advice for a person in sta...
11 years ago 5
CFP tutor
Anybody who is aware of a CFP email me the contact no. of the person concerned on either or 09819861049........require 1 urgently...thnx Most CFP precertification courses also offer a revi...
11 years ago 1
I need online portfolio tracking.
I have been using Quicken online portfolio for the past several years. It's worked really well. A couple of advantages: it gives almost real time pricing of stocks, it allows me to look at multiple po...
11 years ago 2
Model Portfolio of beaten up stocks
A few prior threads have dealt with market price movements in general, and the relative rationality of market pricing in bubbles and busts. I thought it might be of interest to test the "buy low" theo...
11 years ago 18
pls,suggest me for corporate valuation method
Dear, Now I'm study as Financial management, pls,suggest me for corporate valuation method. You look around online for a securities analysts report. That is what they do for a living :) "Step by Step ...
11 years ago 2
One possible reason for market instability (in general)
A stray thought: Usually when demand increases for something, that drives the price up, which decreases the demand until the price stabilizes. But this stabilizer seems to work in the wrong direction ...
11 years ago 12
Bond Broker Who Will Advertise My Offer?
Is there any coherent market for trading bonds where I can enter a low offer to buy a bond and have that offer continue to be visible to all the major brokers for an extended period of time? I found a...
11 years ago 3
Tax Managed Accounts
I am considering exchanging two funds in my taxable account into comparable tax managed funds. The existing funds are index funds. The tax managed funds are "actively managed to minimize taxes", but e...
11 years ago 11
Retiree's savings at risk
My retired mother lives off the interest of a trust, which is managed by a bank. At the beginning of the year the balance was $700,000. Now it is down to $375,000. I looked at her portfolio and was sh...
11 years ago 66
25/11/2008 - The current Market Sentiment
The currency market is still taking its clues from the equity market changes as a mirror of the current financial markets turmoil. The markets eyes were looking for what can be for Citigroup not just ...
11 years ago
A very dumb question about stocks
I know that in the financial atmosphere of today many companies that are doing quite well are still seeing their stock prices tank. Exactly what is a stock and why do stock prices affect a company's w...
11 years ago 7
Software to Graph Bonds?
Does any vendor make a software package that will graph bond trades? The only web sites I found to do this require you to manually enter CUSIP numbers and the user interfaces are awful.
11 years ago