Any Tips from 2006 Beta Testers?

I just ordered PPA 2006 for Nonprofits, and wondered if any of you 2006 testers had any tips for things to do (or *not* do) when I get it.
Also, are there any new things or improvements I should be aware of but might miss if I just tread the normal paths?
-- Erich PPA 2004, Win98SE/WinXP, Win2K Server
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Erich Knobil

I did the 2006 beta testing. Having used 2003 verson, I found lots of changes. Now for 2006 version, one can download the bank statement , saves time doing the re-conciliation. Then there are various other features. However the job costing has nothing much to offer.
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Is there a list of banks that will support the downloading of bank statements available somewhere?
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