I am the volunteer treasurer of a small not for profit club. I am an engineer and not an accouttant so the last year and 9 months have been a real eye opener.
We have not a budget before so I am preparing one. Most of it seems relatively straightforward to enter into peachtree, but a couple of things I am wondering about.
1. Since I am starting mid year it would be convenient if I could just tell it to pull the existing values for the first nine months and make those the budget numbers, then I can enter budgets for the last 3 months. Any way to do that?
2. It appears one cannot enter a budget for the year 2007 until after one has closed out the year. Is there some way around this problem?
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At my old corporate job we used to do this every month but called it an Outlook.
You could export the chart of accounts (File>>import/export) to get monthly actuals for 2006. Go to the Options tab and specify to include column headers. Copy/paste those actuals (net amounts) into the budget field for the first 9 months of the year. Read the help file on import/exports. All you need to keep in the import are the account ID and the months containing budgets.
PT only allows 2 years of actuals/budget open at a time. If 2007 is not open then 2005 must still be open. Do a year end close of 2005 and 2007 will automatically be opened for you. Make a backup of the file before you do the year end process so that you have a file with 2005 intact in case you ever need it again.
HTH, Laura
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