How to Import Excel to Budget?

Does anybody know how to solve the following problem?
I opened the "Maintain Budget" window by "Maintain"-"Budgets...", exported it as an Excel file, inputed several figures in this Excel file (didn't change anything else), saved it to my computer.
Then from the Peachtree "Maintain Budget" window, I clicked "Import", then chose the tag "Option", then I browsed to select the excel file, then "OK".
It said "Can not open.....for importing"
In Sum, I want to import a ready budget (in Excel) into Peachtree Budget.
Thank you so much!
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I have not tried importing a budget using the Maintain Budget task so I am taking a guess.....Most imports into Peachtree are done using csv files. Was your export an excel file or a csv file that excel opened?
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