The Navigation Bar is on the left side of Peachtree's windows.
Using the function key F7 saves the current record in the maintenance
Using the function key F1 displays the online help window.
One advantage of Windows is that it standardizes terms and operations used
in software programs.
The only way to access commands in Windows is to use the pull-down menus.
The icons used in Peachtree are the same on every window.
The most common field you will type in is called the text field or box.
When Bellwether Garden Supply orders inventory from vendors, Account No.
12000, Inventory is credited.
Vendors offer Bellwether a purchase discount for invoices paid within a
discount period.
Accounts payable transactions refer to transactions with vendors or
In Peachtree, the Purchases/Receive Inventory window is also the purchase
You can use the Collection Manager to see an overview of all outstanding
The Sales/Invoicing task is used to record receipts from customers.
Some customers are offered a sales discount because they make their
payments in a timely manner.
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