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Hi Phil,
The change you made to CVS produces error now.
2007-12-22 22:03 UTC+0300 Phil Krylov * include/hbapi.h * include/hbexpra.c * include/hbexprb.c * include/hbexprop.h * include/simplex.c * source/common/expropt1.c * source/common/hbstr.c * source/compiler/harbour.slx * source/compiler/harbour.sly * source/macro/macro.slx * source/macro/macro.y * changed parameters in function: hb_compStrToNum() now the string size is passed explicitly so it can work with strings which does not have trailing ASCII NUL character. * fixed \" quoting in extended strings * removed \q quoting + added support for \x and \ quoting in extended strings (just like in C). ! fixed final string size calculation in extended strings + added hb_strlow ! Extended strings in all contexts can include NULs. (Mostly borrowed from Harbour. I had to do Simplex integration myself, I hope I did not miss anything.)
bcc32 -c -Iinclude;source\compiler;source\macro -d -5 -6 -a8 -O2 -D__WIN32__ -oobj\b32\harbour.obj source\compiler\harbour.c Borland C++ 5.5.1 for Win32 Copyright (c) 1993, 2000 Borland source\compiler\harbour.c: bison -v -d source\compiler\harbour.sly -oobj\b32\harboury.c
** error -1073741819 ** deleting obj\b32\harboury.c
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