Need a copy of One Write Plus installation software!

I have been using One Write Plus for my small business for 20 years. My oldest windows XP computer running OWP just died (RIP). I no longer have the installation disk for the discontinued OWP software (ver. 8?). All of my user files were continually backed up to an external hard drive. I am midway through my fiscal year and really need to access all this stored info to keep me going... and ultimately convert to Quick Books. Is there anyone out there that can help me with finding an installation disk with an access code so that I can try and install this on a newer Windows Vista CP? Thanks so much for your efforts on my behalf.
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I still haven't found one. Been looking for years. I have ti running on an XP machine now. I tried a local Computer Store to get the software transferred from one hard drive to another and they couldn't get it done. There was a program, or something built into windows 7 or 8 called XP Mode. That would let you run the program on the newer operating systems but the screen was extremely small and it ran very slow. I found my old disk, but it now has a crack in it and won't load.
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Craig Ramza Sr

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