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I have One-Write Plus for Windows, ver. 7.0.2 Batch 3 B14. I have used this for my small home based business for many years. Of lately when we go to print checks, we get a "No forms to print" error message. If we close that box and start over to print, it will usually then print. But last week I could not get it to print any checks. I went back into Setup and pretended to setup for Forms, and Printer, and that usualy helps to correct the problem temporarily. My fear is that this is only going to get worse. Can I re-install the program, and if I can, will I loose all my data I have in there now? Are there any more premanent fixes out there? Please advise. Thanks.
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You've probably fixed it by now. If not, you can back up your data to your C drive, and then delete the program and reinstall it. Then open then program and do a restore.
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