Peachtree 2007 and samba?

I am in the process of updating Peachtree 2002 to 2007. The first
problem I am tackling is that I am using Linux and samba for my file
server and Peachtree 2007 requires an install on the file server. Has
anyone been able to make Peachtree 2007 work with a linux file server?
This set up has been working flawlessly for 2 and a half years so I
really don't want to switch back to a windows based file server.
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I set up 2002 on a Linux server using Win2000 Pro for workstations. We mapped the drive and it worked great. Maybe I got lucky. :-) TK
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Well, everyting works great until you try to install 2007; then your problems will start coming. I also have problems with 2007 and Peachtree Support sucks big time. I'll be interested to make it work. Maybe we could join forces.
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We are a tech support company and are having the same issue with PT 2007 and a Linux Server. Has anyone had any luck in making this configuration work?
Thank you,
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