Peachtree 2007 On Server 2003

I've recently installed Peachtree Premium Accounting 2007 on a Windows
2003 Server for a customer. We are accessing Peachtree via terminal
services. While we've had no major problems with the workings of the
program itself, there are two issues I have been unable to resolve.
They are as follows:
1. The server as a whole has slowed down considerably. This is not a
resource issue. We have a dual Xenon processor system with 4 gigs of
RAM and only 4 consistent terminal services users. The system
performed perfectly until we installed PT 2007 Premium. Now we have
slowdowns even in basic applications like Microsoft Word. For example,
the users are complaining of very slow postings in Peachtree,
especially if more than one user is logged into Peachtree at a time.
Likewise, running apps like Excel that use embedded macros and
automatic calculations have exhibited slowdown problems.
2. The Pervasive engine apparently is set up to start only as each
user logs in to their profile, not as a service that is active before
login. However, I have found that in order for the user profile to be
able to start the pervasive engine, they have to be an administrator.
The basic user profile can not kick start the engine. The only way I
have been able to get around this is to leave an administrator account
logged in at all times. As long as the engine is running in that
administrator profile, all users, regardless of security level, can run
Peachtree with no problems. Apparently Peachtree Premium 2007 doesn't
care who starts the engine as long as there is one instance of it
running. However, I certainly don't like leaving an administrator
account logged in all the time as you can well imagine. I'd like to
get the problem fixed and, of course, Peachtree support has been no
Again, all of these issues occur in the terminal services profile and
this version is supposed to be "perfect" for the TS environment. Has
anyone else experienced problems with this? My customer has always
been the "first one on the block" to upgrade and I always find it
difficult to locate answers to problems simply because the product is
too new.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Tony Boyte
Net Techs, Inc.
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