"Posting Failed" error when trying to import Sales Journal

Hello, My company is using PeachTree Premium Accounting 2006. We're changing our fiscal year to match the calendar year. As a result we have to close out a year with only 9 months in it (our previous FY was April through March so we have to close out a year spanning 4/1/06 through 12/31/06 so we can start our current year 1/1/07). We're doing this by: 1. Setting up a new company 2. Copying all the settings from our current company (except the calendar) 3. Setting up the new calendar 4. Exporting all the lists and journals from the existing company 5. Importing the lists and journals to the new company.
This all works fine (after some hacking on the exported csv files to remove quotes, etc.) until we get to importing the Sales Journal. It goes along fine through about 2/3rds of the file (about 22,000 out of 33,000 records) then it says "Posting Failed". No line number or hint about why it failed. The "Posting Failed" dialog box only has an OK button and if you click it the import stops. I have managed to find where it leaves off importing, delete the offending transaction from the csv file (and all the transactions that imported successfully) and restart the import but the same thing happens again and again. I can't find any consistent pattern in the transactions that fail to import (i.e. cause the "Posting Failed" error) nor can I find any consistent difference between ones that do import and ones that don't.
Can anyone offer any guidance? Thanks in advance!
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