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why should i upgrade to 05 from 02 peachtree??
i dont see any benefit..i change tax tables ..what did they change?? stiill looks the me..i would upgrade if it was worth it? am i missing out??
14 years ago 1
Tax liability Report
I have two different companies that have had the State Unemployment Tax drop off the tax liability report. Payroll seems to process normally, but the tax doesn't show up on the report. What have I...
14 years ago
one more quick question about installing multi-user
I'm updating from a 2004 complete single user version to a 2005 multi-user multi-user version... in the update notes it says to install the 2005 as an update, but in the multi-user notes it says t...
14 years ago 3
quick questions about multi-user package
Does the company file have to be sitting on a central server or can it just be on one system that has a shared folder (with password) to other computers in a basic network? When I download tax ta...
14 years ago 3
Peachtree for Dummies review
Hi everyone.... If anyone has purchased Peachtree for Dummies, we could sure use a review at
14 years ago
possible consulting work - extracting accounting data
hello - i'm working on a project that works with accounting data. i may be looking for some subcontracting help on getting the data out of existing systems like peachtree, quickbooks, etc. and ...
14 years ago
can't update date into
Whenever I use one step update since upgrading to Quicken 2005 deluxe I get an error message saying that my can't be updated because I a different Quicken data file is being used and ...
14 years ago
Q2005 H&B Part #s
I've been watching eBay lately and thinking about buying this program from there. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be as simple as selecting the best price. I've found at least four part number...
14 years ago
GL Beginning Balances
I'm hoping somebody can help me. I switched from Classic Version 13 to Peachtree Complete 2004 as of 1/1/04. The program did the transfer from the old version to the new, and I have been out of ...
14 years ago 1
Any readers here who have transitioned to GNUCASH?
14 years ago 1
Quicken 2005 - How can I find all transactions with flags?
One of the things I really like about Quicken 2005 is that you can put a note on an individual transaction and then flag it. However I have not figured out how to find all transactions with flags on t...
14 years ago
Pin Vaullt Edit or delte to edit?
Quicken 2004. I have used the pin vault for yrs. There is 1 Mutual fund Vanguard that is not correct. But I haven't found a way to delete that from the pin vault and still you the rest. It only le...
14 years ago 1
Where to enter local taxes in Turbotax
I prepare a local income tax and can't seem to remember where I enter it in the TurboTax program so it comes out in the total wit the other withheld state taxes. Anyone know? Thanks, Barbara
14 years ago 2
Money market is wrong type
I'm in Q2005H&B This topic has been addressed somewhat in previous threads--My bank tells me this is not an uncommon situation: Years ago I set up 2 money market accounts through my bank as "type: b...
14 years ago 1
Backing up to a network drive
Hi all, I have a Zip drive on my local computer and would like it to be accessible from a 2nd computer on my small home LAN. I mapped a specific backup folder on the Zip drive/disk to Z and see i...
14 years ago 4