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I have a potential customer who is a caffeteria. The customers go through a line and put all the items on there tray and take it to the front to ring up. On a given day they will have 7 breakfast items available out of the 20 or so that they sell total. I am trying to figure out a good way to isolate the 7 so that the cashier can find them, either with a touchscrean or pos keyboard. I have yet to find a good way to do this with RMS. Before anyone suggests a restaraunt program, I do sell those and allthough it would solve this particular problem it does not navigate well in this environment. Anyone have any idea a good way to do this?
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Zack Anderson
I appreciate the response. There are several reasons why I dont want to use our restaraunt program. 1. The place acts more as a retail then a restaraunt. Many of the items are scanned in and RMS handles scanned items much better. There is no kitchen communication, no modifiers, they are just bringing stuff to a lane and ringing it up, Im just looking for a way to isolate the items to speed up the process. If some way at the begining of the day they could just put 7 items in some sort of group and recall it somehow. 2. Ordering and inventory on all the inventoried items is much simpler in RMS. 3. They already have this same system in there gift shop there IT has automated a payroll deduction method and they could use the exact same setup here.
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Zack Anderson
You answered yourself. Get a restaurant program. And make life easy. OR use the touchscreen and Dept/Category Keys to show the items. If all they have is 20 then it should work ok if you spread them out into Dept/Cat 's. OR get one of those big programmable keyboards and link the keys to items they sell... Nah, get a restaurant program.... :) mt
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Masta T
How about setting up active/inactive versions of each category. At the beginning of the day, 'activate' the items that are available for the day and 'deactivate' the others. This let's you use a touchscreen with category buttons to display the active items. With so few items, it shouldn't be too much of a chore. On the other hand, with so few items, it shouldn't be that big a deal for the cashiers to just navigate the list...
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]
Consider using a Lot-Matrix to group today's choices.
This will be all the easier if the choices repeat themselves on a weekly or monthly basis.
After so identifying you could assign a macro key to "today's breakfast selection".
Then just change the name of any predefined Lot-Matrix to the verbiage in your macro and the macro key will call up today's selection.
Naming procedure example might be: BREAKFAST For today's selection. BREAKFAST-01 For another selection. BREAKFAST-02 For another selection. BREAKFAST-03 For another selection. Etc, etc. Your macro would include the word BREAKFAST and would call up the current Lot-Matrix named BREAKFAST. Tomorrow you would change the name of today's to BREAKFAST-XX and rename another group to BREAKFAST.
This will work fine but still be subject to the chunkiness of RMS's Lot-Matrix procedure. The inability to choose multiple items in various quantities in a Lot-Matrix is a pain we live with everyday. I think someone has an add-on that addresses this but I can't remember who.
Regards Ken Nelson
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Ken Nelson

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