HQ Reinstall Store Database

Recently i reinstalled RMS at a store after a harddisk crash.
Installed RMS and gave the store the same store ID as it had before
the crash. Synchronised database. Everything is running, except the
store started at a low batchnumber again.
In HQ now my old batche in the batch table are being overwritten by
the new ones with that same batchnumber. This is giving some strange
results in our integration with accounting system Exact Globe.
What would be the best way to update the batchnumber to continue at
the last batchnumber before the crash. Would it work to just update
the last open batchnumber in the store database?
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Hi Robert, Thats what we did is to update the last batch number and it continue from there.
Hope this helps Papashawngo
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On Mar 2, 6:00 pm, Papashawngo wrote:
Hello Papashawngo,
Thx for the quick reply. I will proceed and update the batchnumber.
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We had an issue similar to yours. Transaction ID was also involved in preventing overwrites back in HQ. I would watch closely.
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