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Hi folks
Does the Items, Option, Item non discountable at POS... flag only apply to
items that are On Sale?
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Well Danny, this not work like this. infact if your item is on sale and your regular price of item A is 225 and sale price 200 then once scan the item it will do the 200 instead of 225 whereas you already select that item not discountable at POS. this only restrict to modify the item price manually or give the discount pressing shift+f3 key.
Hope you understand this.
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Akber Alwani
Hi DL,
If an item has the Options Tab checked for "Item Not discounted at POS" it will NOT discount. Sale status does not affect the DND check. Just tried this myself to be sure.
Hope this helps,
Joe Mann IT Dept Mill Creek Natural Foods, Inc.
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