Need to be able to update and add matrix items and dimensions

Need to have the option to add matrix dimensions and also need to be able to
add new items to an existing matrix I.E. I have an existing matrix with a
Style, Color, and Size dimension. When you use the wizard to create your
"original" matrix I can add 3 styles, 5 colors, and 5 sizes and the wizard
will create all 75 (3x5x5) new items. Now we need to add a new style to the
existing matrix which should result in 25 (1 style x 5 colors x 5 sizes) new
items, but there is now way to easily accomplish this ! You would actually
have to manually create these 25 new items and then add them to the matrix
(one at a time) then you need to go into the matrix attributes and fill in
the blank matrix dimensions for the new products and (hopefully) assisng them
to the correct ILCs and try not to make any duplicate combinations.
So there should be a wizard that lets you select an existing matrix and
takes you to the 2nd or 3rd step in the existing (new) matrix wizard.
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We are about to finish development of an "Add to existing matrix item wizard". Drop me a line if interested.
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