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I am running a Bowling Supply Company and I get bowling balls in various weights. I want to be able to track the brand, then the weights that we sell. Would setting the Parent as a Lot Matrix, then the various weights as child? Is there a benefit to this or am I just duplicating my efforts?
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Bill Fry
That would be the way to go...easiest.
Parent = "Pro Series 1200 Bowling Ball (whatever name)" Children= weight, color, color design (whatever)
Then SO makes the part numbers for you!
Pro Series 1200 12lb Red Swirl Pro Series 1200 12 lb Red Solid Pro Series 1200 12 lb Blue Swirl Pro Series 1200 12 lb Blue Solid
Pro Series 1200 11lb Red Swirl Pro Series 1200 11 lb Red Solid Pro Series 1200 11 lb Blue Swirl Pro Series 1200 11 lb Blue Solid
etc etc
Pretty cool eh?
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Just so you know Bill what Mickie is describing is a Matrix item NOT a Lot Matrix item. The Parent item is actually the Matrix or Style Code of the item and each of the colors, sizes or weights would be essentially the Child items. For example: Matrix Code Description BL-BSMIN Brunswick - Smokin' Inferno Comes in 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 lbs. In RMS you create a 1 dimensional Matrix item with the Matrix LookupCode of BL-BSMIN and a Weight dimension for each of the weights and as Mickie says RMS will create a separate code for each of the items, like so: ItemLookupCode Description BL-BSMIN01 Brunswick - Smokin' Inferno 12lbs* BL-BSMIN02 Brunswick - Smokin' Inferno 13lbs* BL-BSMIN03 Brunswick - Smokin' Inferno 14lbs* BL-BSMIN04 Brunswick - Smokin' Inferno 15lbs* BL-BSMIN05 Brunswick - Smokin' Inferno 16lbs*
RMS will also add the to each of these items the Dept., Cat., Price, Cost and Supplier. What RMS lacks is the ability to have pre-defined Dimensions, so everytime you want to enter a new Style of ball you need to reenter the entire dimension. Also adding to an existing dimensions is combersome. You can't properly copy a pre-existing matrix item
Now if you also sell Apparel and Shoes you may want to look at either RMS Store's MatrixPlus
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, Retail Realm's FashionBundle
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or Digital Retail Solutions Matrix Master
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. These tools will help define reusable dimensions, enter, edit, copy and add to your Matrix items.
*Note - You need to be careful of the length of your description, this description would be cut off because the field length is only 30 characters.
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