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I am using RMS in one of our stores and I want to move it to our main store.
It is far easier than the one I have there now. I have 1 show stopper and 1
that I can work around but I would like to get computerized.
We do a lot of training classes and tours. The current software handles them
well. I need to have a program for managing these events. If some one could
develop add on for RMS for handling events and rental it would open up every
small outdoor store to them.
These are critical aspects of an outdoor store and RMS does not do either of
them well. I have friend that have scrap book stores and they would love to
be able to have something in rms to schedule them.
I am surprised that the need has not been recognized. If there is modules
forthese would someone point me to them. I ahve contacted people about the
one retail realm has but I never get any responses back. We someone that is
responsive to questions and support their program
We would be glad to be a test site and work with anyone on the development.
I have been in IT for 22 years and just retired from it last April.
Paddle and Trail
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RR Ticketing module allows the sale of an event, for a particular day, time and location. In addition to the sale of events, MRMS items can be sold. RR Ticketing Module comprises four different sections: ? RR Ticketing Module allows the creation of events wherein the user specifies different attributes of event booking like: Duration, Time, Capacity, Price Levels and Refund Rules.
? RR Ticketing POS allows the user to sell Events as well as MRMS POS items. Featuring options like Book Mode, Change Ticket, Exchange Ticket, Price Level selection, View availability of Events.
? Redeem Ticket allows for the redemption of tickets.
? RR Ticketing Service is an automated service ensuring ticket validation for sale and redemption. Features
? Allows sale of event types like travel, Event. ? Allows sale of MRMS POS items. ? Wizard for creation of events. ? Screen configuration options available. ? Price level options, for events, available. ? Facility to Redeem tickets. ? Availability can be viewed by, resource day or event. ? View reports on event and redemption. ------ this is RMS Module developed by Retailrealm
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ramy hassan Retail Business Consultant
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Yes but you have to remember that RR make you Jump through hoops before they will let you near there software
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Just ask your reseller for it. I had no problems buying their loyalty addin. But you have to do it through a reseller. They don't sell direct to end users. Craig
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Hi Jim,
If you want to know more about our Ticketing solution contact me.
Afshin Alikhani - [ snipped-for-privacy@retailrealm.co.uk ] CEO - Retail Realm
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Afshin Alikhani

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