Quantity Discount Pricing Table

Is it possible to set up a "Quantity Discount Pricing Table" for more than
one item at a time?
For example, a matrixed item with 10 colours. Right now I have to set up a
table for all 10 colours individually. This is very time consuming. Is
there a more simple way?
Thank you in advance for your help!
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You can run an update query in StoreOps Administrator to update prices for the complete range of the ItemLookupCode of your matrixed item.
Yes, there should be a simpler internal method that performs this but the query works nicely and you can build a query library of common tasks that can be reused as needed.
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Miles B
Thanks Miles,
unfortunately I'm just a "Front-End" user and don't know anything about running queries in Administrator...
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Al K.

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