run-time error when I re-print an Invoice

Hello I am new to RMS and I am trying to figure out the reason of the run-time error every time I try to re-print an invoice or press the journal button. the error will result in terminating my existing application (POS) and the error also says that t"disconnecting from client...) and give me an error numbers. Any help?
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HI Alex, can you please specific the exact error no so we can help you in better way. actually wanted to know what create error, also do you know how to check the event log in windows OS check the application event log and find what error or what is the reason your system is crashing in middle of transaction. this really help you a lot.
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HI Alex, Do you modify your XML recipt file. If you do so go to database on store operation manager and from Register>Receipt format remove file from sale partion and reselect agin and try issued Invoice. This problem happen with me when i modify recept.xml colmun.
I hoppe if this help you.
Best Regards MOH.Own
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You probably have a label printer designated as your default windows printer. Add a new printer, such as an Adobe PDF printer or MS Office Document writer and set that as the default printer. This is done from "Printers & Faxes" in the Windows Control Panel...
Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt
After printing a receipt for a client, and I try to re-print that what I got:
Run-time error = 2147417848 (80010108) automation error. The Object Invoked has disconnected from its Client" The same happened when I press F4 for "Journal"
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