Sales by time?

Is there a way for HQ to see when a product has sold out of a store by time.
Stores sell fresh bread and run out of certain items at particular times of
each day, I want HQ to be able to see which products are running out and at
what time of the day. I would also like them to see which products are left
in stock at the end of each day.
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Hi Gareth,
Retail Analytics from Professional Advantage has the exact report. Basically, anything captured in RMS can be reported upon. If you wanted to take a quick look at the product, please go to
formatting link
We have also have the UCAP (Up Close and Personal) program for Retail Analytics. UCAP - we have streamlined a process to get RMS client's data in house, load RA and then demonstrate the full power of the product on the live data - at no cost!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me -
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Jen Losch

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