Scale Issue with RMS

One of our clients, a grocery store, recently upgraded their lanes with new computers however, they kept their old scanner scales, MagellanSL 384s. All three terminals have the exact same desktops with the exact same software, however two of the scales work perfectly fine and one does not. The one scale that does not work, works perfectly fine in the OPOS software, everything weighs correctly, however weighing in RMS is off.
Certain items are weighed correctly, however many are not. For instance, I weighed two items on a working scale and it said item A was 1.7 pounds, item B was 0.3 pounds. I put A on the scale in question, and it read in the OPOS as 1.7 pounds, however in RMS it read as 7.8 pounds. Item B read correctly in the OPOS software as well but in RMS it was around 5 pounds. But when I put both items on the scale, it read correctly in the OPOS and RMS as 2.0 pounds.
Any ideas as to what could be causing this?
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