Transfer In out of nowhere

Today, a transfer in appeared in our open list "out of nowhere". Clearly
(hopefully) a business rule got executed early this morning (the last day of
the month) that generated this transfer. My problem right now is determining
what that rule was, why it chose today to run, and whether or not it's going
to run again. This is the first time this has happened in 2.5 years of
I've run several reports examining re-order points and such and I don't see
anything out of the ordinary, other than negative on-hand quantities that
probably generated what the order contains.
The only cooincidental occurance lately is that I installed the patch for
2.0.0123 last week.
I'm open to suggestions on what this might be or where to look to determine
what happened. And, yeah, I'm aware that my users may have done this and they
aren't admitting it, but I'd sure like some tools/hints to help "explain" to
them the error of their ways.
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It is more likely a user error than system error that caused this problem. You can create that issue by going to the inbound queue and click New to create this inbound transfer from nowhere. Check the items on the list to see if you recognize them as something else you were trying to do at the time, like an oubound transfer or a physical inventory count that got created as an inbount transfer by accident.
If you have not yet received the transfer, then you can just delete the transfer without receiving it. If you have already received it, then you can create the same transfer outgoing and send it back to nowhere. To prevent this problem in the future, you can limit the access to the New button with a security setting.
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Matt Hurst
The items in the PO were specifically things that have not been sold or ordered for a year or more and they all had negative quantities. Our db has 35000+ items and this PO was around 2800 items, all of which are leftovers from the original db construction or victims of sloppy inventory. I ran sql queries that replicated the PO items nicely so I don't believe this to be a random event or an error/bug in the system. It sure appears that someone used a filter in the group selection of a new transfer.
So, it's absolutely possible that a user went exploring, but these are honest folk who are not, I don't believe, afraid of me. So if it was one of them they feel some sort of fear of reprisal which doesn't, as far as I know, exist. I like it when they figure stuff out and promote that when it's done carefully :).
Anyway, the bottom line is that I just want to verify whether or not there's a system level business rule that ran. For example, you mention a "queue"; where is that queue implemented and can I view the queue? I don't see any specific table that is designated for this but I haven't searched field names yet. Is this a temporary table that the system creates or is the queue implemented in code?
I deleted it but thanks for the hint on how to fix it if it had been closed. I didn't think of that :).
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